What is a tablet computer?

A tablet computer is also known as the only word “tablet” is a portable computer. It has a large screen that works by touch screen or a pen (stylus). They have mostly the screen sizes from 6″ to 12″. They lack input and out devices like an ordinary laptop or computers. Instead of having a physical keyboard they have a virtual keyboard for writing. The mouse functionality is replaced by touch gestures. Even though, Modern tablets support external keyboards and mouse through a micro USB port or wireless Bluetooth connection.

The operating systems are similar to a modern touch smartphone installed in them. Mostly, they can support all the apps that are available for a mobile phone however apps only for tablets are also available that are compatible with tablets. Because of the big size of the screen, these apps made for tablets have a larger resolution so they look crisp and clear on them.

Just like a smartphone, the tablets have a rechargeable battery, speaker, microphone, and a wifi connection. Majority of them does not support cellular network however models with this feature are also available.

The idea behind a thin tablet slate was created in the 20th century but the mass production was done by Apple. They released the first tablet for consumers called the iPad. As they released this invention, it became quite popular because of its light weightiness and responsive screen. Later of many other brands started to follow the trend and produced made their own models.

In the present day, the most popular tablets are Apple iPad and Amazon’s Fire. Other than them, Many other brands are producing tablets to meet consumer demand. Samsung has produced a wide variety of models with different screen sizes in multiple budgets.

Tablets applications are entertainment, workplace, education. Most people enjoy watching movies on them especially while lying in their bed for sleep. They also store their favorite music and like to play games on them too.

For the workplace usage, They are being used placing orders or watching reports of the business. The portability of them and huge screen make them ideal for keeping an eye on your business reports while on the Go. The video conference is an important feature of them, At the workplace, they are the best way to communicate with other team members.

To adopt the newer trends and saving the trees, a couple of universities and colleges started to replace ordinary paper books with tablet computers by providing ebooks in them. The huge screen of them makes it easier to read on them. While Amazon-produced an iPad that is only designed for the readers.  This revolution is still in early place but taking over very quickly as it involved saving our environment

Present days, there are two major operating systems that are being released in tablets. The iOS system is built by Apple and only available for its own products iPad and other models. While on the other hand, Android is available for almost all tablet computers. All other big brands like Samsung, Huawei, and Amazon are installing android in their tablets.

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