The 2 Best Sony Televisions for 2021

Sony TVs are a great consideration when it comes to buying the Television for your home or your office. Generally, Sony TVs are a very safe bet. Sony provides an amazing quality of picture and a fine quantity of polish to its Televisions. The build qualities of Sony TVs are also better as compared to the average models. Their options are available in the high end and the midrange is one of the best ones and you can get them at a premium price. We have reviewed a few models for you that you can consider while making a choice.


One of the best Sony TVs that was tested by us is Sony A8H. This TV delivers an amazing picture quality as an OLED entry-level TV. Like all other OLED TVs, it will turn the pixels off individually, in turn producing an outstanding black uniformity and great contrast ratio, so it will look amazing even in darker rooms. It is great even when there are wide seating arrangements because of the wide angles of viewing.
It will not get very bright but will be bright enough to fight glare in the environments that are moderately lit, even the environments where there is extra lightning, it will handle reflections amazingly. It has good color accuracy and a wide gamut of color for HDR content. The content with lower resolution is also upscaled and it eliminates judder from all types of sources that improve the motion appearance.
This model by Sony is great for gaming because of the near-instant time of response and the input lag which is low. It is packed with many features and it will make a lot of people happy. Overall, this is a great model that was manufactured by Sony, which is reviewed by us.

Sony X950H

Another great TV that was reviewed by us and is manufactured by Sony is the X950H. It has a LED panel having a 4K resolution. Unlike the other models of Sony, this model does not have the danger of burning in permanently. You will never have to worry about harming your TV even if you will turn it on for an entire day as the computer monitor or keep on watching the same news channel.
It provides all the features and performance that you expect from any high-end model. The color accuracy is excellent and there may be a variation between the units, you will not have to get the calibration for enjoying this model to the fullest. The technology of X wide Angle by Sony is in the VA panel that will improve the angles of viewing but maybe a problem when you have a wide seating arrangement. Fortunately, this model has a good ratio of contrast, great local dimming full-array, and amazing black uniformity.
This model displays 4k resolution or 1080p chroma 4:4:4 in case you have to use it as the computer monitor. Overall, X950H with LED is one of the amazing options by Sony.

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