The 2 Best Smart Televisions for 2021

Almost every new TV that is coming in the market now is equipped with a smart platform. Few manufacturers select using the smart platforms of their own and others choose to amalgamate the options such as Roku or Android. Regardless of the case, there is a great selection of apps and the availability of the most popular apps on all the platforms. Approximately, 50 or more TVs were tested by us in a few months, and given below are a few of our recommendations for you if you want to buy the best smart TVs.

Hisense H8G

A great smart TV is the Hisense H8G that will also be within the budget category. The build of this TV is good and it looks great in all the settings. The overall performance is good and most of the people using it will like it. This TV has built-in Android and it is easy to use.
The selection of apps that are available is amazing. This set used the VA panel and it has a great contrast ratio as well as a smooth black uniformity. It will not be out of your budget and will have a full-array feature of local dimming that performs greatly. In rooms with bright lights, reflection handling is decent and can fight glare easily. A wide gamut of color is displayed for HDR content.
The gaming features are limited but the response time is good, input lag is low, and it has a Black frame insertion. Luckily, the content with lower resolution is upscale well, and judder is removed from the native sources of 24p. All in all, this TV performs well and almost everyone who uses it will be happy with the performance of Hisense H8G, which is why it is the best smart TV.

Hisense U7QF

Hisense uses the Vidaa U along with using Android TV and Roku TV as their smart platforms. Usually, the mid-range sets by Hisense use Vidaa U. Vidaa U is the in-house operating system of Hisense. Vidaa U is used by the Hisense U7QF and it has proven to be a good smart platform. You can use Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, and Rakuten on this TV with a great HDR and 4K playback whenever it is needed.
A clean interface is boasted by this smart platform and the fact that it has a dedicated home page makes it great rather than having an icon overlay like LG’s webOS or My Home Screen by Panasonic. The icons of apps and titles are easily readable and large with a simple function that allows you to arrange apps with only one exception.
As far as HD video is concerned, the Hisense U7QF is amazing when it comes to upscaling for the 4K display. 4K HDR will show natural skin tones impressively and the color is impactful. This TV will make the HD source shine just like the native 4K along with a very crisp resolution. If you are looking for a good smart TV within a budget then Hisense U7QF is a good Smart TV that you should consider while you are shopping for smart TVs.

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