The 2 Best Small Televisions for 2021

Although there is a shift towards larger TVs with 4K nowadays, compact TV will never be less useful. The market will always have space for small TVs with a 43-inch screen or less. If you have to put a TV in the dorm, guest room, or your dorm room then the small TVs are the best for you. When you are choosing between a 32-inch display and the TVs that are not 4K then you will have to compromise between a regular HD (720p) or full HD (1080p) display panel. Given below are two of the small TVs that we have reviewed for you.

Sony X800H

If you have a wide seating arrangement in the house and you are looking for a TV that has better viewing angles, then Sony XBR43X800H is a great choice. It makes sure that the image is accurate even when you are looking at it from the sides.
This set has a good response time that results in a lesser blur of motion. The only difference that this set has with Samsung is the difference of their panel and it performs similarly to it because of the excellent and extraordinary color accuracy, decent peak brightness, and great reflection handling. The input lag is slow and judder can be removed from the 24p source such as native apps or cable boxes.
The interface of Android TV runs very smoothly and there is an availability of a huge app library with the Google Play Store. There is a built-in microphone in the remote of this TV that allows you to control it through your voice with Google Assistant. There is no risk of burn-in permanently so you can use this TV as the computer monitor as well. If you want to know one of the best small TVs that was tested by us then it is Sony X800H.

Samsung Q50/Q50R QLED TV

One of the best small TVs with a 32-inch screen size is the Samsung Q50. This set is very decent and it provides similar performance to the larger TVs of 55 inch and it is also one of the first 32 inches 4K TVs available. It is great for playing video games because of the outstanding response time and good input lag. The picture quality of this TV is very good because of the good contrast ratio and excellent, deep blacks, without having a local feature of dimming.
The HDR10+ and HDR are supported by this set and have decent SDR peak brightness so it is able to combat reflections and glare in a bright room. The ability and size of this TV to display chroma 4:4:4 properly and it is a good choice to use it as a computer monitor and it is amazing for tighter spaces such as dorm rooms, as well.
It is good for setups where you will be viewing the TV from the front. The motion artifacts are noticeable which can bother some people who do not like them during action movies or sports. Overall, this all-around model is great and brings higher features to small screen TV.

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