The 2 Best 65 Inch Televisions for 2021

The 65-inch 4K TVs that were released in 2020 are amazing choices for whoever is finding an upgrade for their setup of home cinema. The sizes of TV grow every year and the 55 inch is the flagship size currently. You can differentiate yourself and make sure you get a picture with a higher impact when you choose the 65-inch 4K TV. Considering the size of this TV, this t 65-inch 4K TV will not suit the taste, budget, or home of every individual. That is why it is important to ensure that you have adequate space for this TV in your home before you go to buy this TV.

Samsung Q800T QLED TV

This year, Samsung has released many new TVs that you can consider, but this model that is Q800T 8K QLED may be the one that will instantly grab your attention. The features of this model that is Object Tracking Sound (OTS+) audio system is similar to the premium Q950TS, with many drivers that are placed throughout the screen for horizontal and vertical range.
It is also very affordable and you can get this 8K TV at the same price that 4K Q90R came out last year. Samsung is very keen about its 8K nowadays and pursuing it aggressively so much that it is saving the perfect specs and features for its 8K models.
This means that the previous models are not as impressive as this 8K TV as Samsung is including more screens in its 8K TVs as time passes. This model, Q800T gives predictable upscaling that is exceptional with HD that looks detailed and crisp on the 8K screens. This set has good brightness even when the backlight’s full array tries to temper the brighter images in order to decrease the blooming of the halos in opposition to dark backgrounds. Samsung Q800T is one of the best 65 inch TVs.

Panasonic HZ1500 OLED

The amazing model which is Panasonic HZ1500 has made it to our list of the best 65 inch TV. This model with the intelligent processor of HCX Pro and OLED panel work together very beautifully, with immense and deep blacks that eliminate the shyness of the screen’s very dark areas. The HDR images are vibrant.

Panasonic supports the universal HDR, and includes both the Dolby Vision and HDR 10+ rather than picking anyone from these two. This set does not have a great input lag which means that gamers cannot use this set for gaming and it is made as a TV only. You will never be disappointed with its picture and 80W speakers of Dolby Atmos will make sure that the sound quality is great.
Furthermore, this model has a higher version that is HZ2000 and it comes with 140W audio output and a custom panel of OLED, in case you are looking for a TV that is in that area. Panasonic’s HZ 1500 OLED is great if you have larger rooms and enough space to set this TV up. This is a great TV that will add to your watching experience because of its larger size and features.

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