The 2 Best 55 Inch Televisions for 2021

The best place to start while you are finding a new TV is the 55-inch 4K TVs. Recently, 55 inches has become the flagship size for every important brand of TV. This means that it will get the largest quality spread as the 4K television because it is highly likely that people will buy this size. There are larger sizes available but if you want a medium size when the price, practicality, and size under consideration then the best is the 55 inches 4K TV. The models that are listed below have been reviewed by us and made it to our list.

Samsung Q95T

Samsung Q95T is a great 55 inch TV by Samsung. This year, it has a somewhat curious position because of the features that it has but it came with some changes after its predecessor Q90. The new Samsung audio system for 2020 IS used by this set, known as the Object Tracking Sound (OTS). Many different drivers have been placed throughout the screen and are used by this TV to make sure that audio can track down, up, right, and left according to what happens on screen.
The price is also affordable as compared to the Q90. This set is exceptionally bright that makes up for glaring images. The dim backlight may be a little aggressive so that bright and blooming objects can be prevented, but this will not be considered important when you are getting an amazing HDR performance for an affordable price.
During the dynamic mode, this TV achieves a peak brightness of 2000-nits or more. During the all-around movie and standard presets this comes down to 1300 to 1500 nits respectively but that is adequate to make sure that Q95T shows HDR pictures having exceptional vibrancy and punch. The new ultra viewing angle technology by Samsung maintains the off-axis color depth that makes the Q95T, an exceptional TV.

Philips OLED 805

The great combination of powerful processing, excellent quality of the picture, and fine quality of build is the Philips OLED 805 that is winning every one, and the real star feature of this model is the feature of Ambilight.
Ambilight shows amazing colors around this TV’s edges as well and this is done from the three sides of this model. An immersive light show is created by this Ambilight feature of this set. 805 OLED is not only for the show due to the beefy process of P5 picture by Philips that gives it the ability to show OLED images, which have spectacular colors and enhanced contrast, even if the upscaling is from SDR/HD.HDR10+ support and Dolby Visions were both improved on this model that means you will not have to select between the dynamic format of HDR.
It does not support Apple TV and the platform of Android smart TV may feel unwieldy sometimes. Philips OLED 805 will give you wide viewing angles, as well as a unique real-life HDR picture, and all the scenes will feel very real with this set. The black on this TV is deeper. Overall, you have to pay a small price for this amazing TV.

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