The 2 Best 1080p Televisions for 2021

1080p TVs are not very common nowadays which is why it is harder for you to find them. All the models that come in now are the 4k TVs. With the advancement in technology, it is not easy to find a TV that is ideal and reasonably priced. Every year, new models come into the market so it becomes challenging to find the best model for yourself. After a lot of research, we have put together these reviews of the best 1080p TV’s. Given below are the reviews of two such models that have made it to our list of best 1080p TVs.

TCL 40S325

The 1080p TV which is great is the TCL 40S325. The variants of 49, 43, and 40 inches have a resolution of 1080p and the variant of 32 inches is limited to a resolution of 720p. The picture quality of this model allows it to show deep blacks in darker rooms because of the high native ratio of contrast and the colors are very accurate and out of the ordinary. It is amazing for watching movies in darker rooms as compared to well-lit rooms. You can even do some gaming on the older console of 1080p as the nice response time and amazing low lag of input make it a great 1080p TV for gaming as well.
It is not recommended for watching TV with a larger group or when you are moving around in the house as its image quality starts being bad when you watch it from the sides, but this is normal for the TVs that have a VA panel. Moreover, this model can run the Roku smart platform that will allow access to a huge number of streaming apps and channels along with being easy to use. All in all, it is a great choice for having a personal TV.

Samsung UN32N5300

One of the best 1080p TVs having a size of 32 inches is the Samsung UN32N5300. This television is a decent and simple model that allows you to watch the news and TV shows while you are doing other things during the day.
The IPS panel has wide viewing angles, so the picture is perfect no matter where you are watching it from. Its reflections are handled very nicely and it will not be very bright, so it can be placed in a room that has lesser ambient light.
The overall quality of the picture is very decent. The slower time of response means that the content with a lower rate of the frame would not stutter. It comes with two HDMI ports and legacy ports like component and coaxial that is amazing for those who are still using the older devices such as DVD or VHS players. If you watch content over the internet then this model comes with a built-in WiFi and runs on the Samsung Tizen OS, this platform is very easy to use with several apps. Overall, this model is a standard model which is amazing to set up in any secondary room so you can watch TV while you are doing other chores.

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